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3D Health & Wellness provides naturopathic medical services ranging from primary care to chronic disease management and prevention. Our services are for all ages, encompass all systems of the body and cover every chronic disease.

We believe open communication between all healthcare providers involved in your care is essential to your good health. That is why we are also open to all integrative care options.

House Call Program

Your healthcare delivered at home

3D recognizes that when you don’t feel well and/or are faced with extended travel time, traveling to your doctor for your healthcare is a daunting task. 

Our House Call Program allows you to receive your Naturopathic healthcare in the comfort of your own home, eliminating extended travel time, often found in Montana; allowing you easier access to your medical care.   

What should I expect from the House Call Program?

Everything is the same as if you were in the office!  All appointments and physical exams are identical to what you would receive in the office.

  • Same New Patient forms are used:  Can be found on the website, or can be sent to you via email or postal mail
  • Same amount of time is spent with you as would be in the office
  • Physical Exam supplies are brought directly to your home
  • Follow-up visits can be done by subsequent home visits or telehealth visits, if internet access is available in your home
How do I make an Appointment for a House Call?

Call our office or contact us via our website ‘Contact Us’ form to schedule an appointment. 

  • When you schedule your appointment be sure to let us know that you want your healthcare to come to you!
Do House Call Visits Cost more than Regular Office Visits?
  • There is no extra charge to travel within 15 miles of Helena MT
  • If mileage exceeds 15 miles from Helena MT additional charges are added based on current mileage rates; generally 50 cents per mile.
  • Payment plans are available
  • Please call the office for an exact quote
What if there are more people in my area who want to take advantage of the House Call Program?

Additional mileage costs will be REDUCED if there are multiple patients in the same area.

How Far will the Doctor Travel?

We currently serve areas within 150 miles of Townsend MT.  Areas within 15 miles of Townsend, MT are at no additional charge to the patient.  

Naturopathic Medical Care - helena, MT

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or free 15-minute consultation, or to learn more information about our personal training programs.  


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