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Our Story

The guiding principles of  3 Dimensional Health and Wellness can all be traced back to the grocery store of my hometown in Kutztown, PA.

When I was little, my brother and I asked our parents to buy the brightly-packaged kids’ cereals for our breakfast. But our health-minded parents managed to convince us that all those colorful boxes of sugary cereal actually contained the same foods we were already eating for breakfast. The healthy, nutrient-rich breakfasts we were eating just came in different boxes and containers.

Cereal, Healthy, Natural Medicine

This little white lie in the cereal aisle was my early introduction to the idea and importance of healthy living. Little did my parents know that it would also be the start to my lifelong curiosity and interest in all things healthy.

As time went on, I met (and continue to meet) obstacles on my journey to health and wellbeing, but they only strengthened my interest in how to lead a healthy, active life.

From the cereal aisle to doctors’ offices, my health journey has taught me valuable lessons and given me a unique perspective into the predicament of our health care system.

Now, as a Naturopathic Doctor and president of 3 Dimensional Health & Wellness, my curiosity and interest has cemented into passion and expanded well beyond my own personal health journey. Now I hope to help you with yours.

The one-dimensional treatments and philosophies that are the focus of our current health care system do not address the full scope of an individual. I believe in treating the whole person, all three dimensions.

From this belief, 3 Dimensional Health & Wellness was born.

Our goal at 3D is to provide quality, individualized health care to restore you to health, wherever you are, by addressing all your unique dimensions.

You’re not one dimensional; why should your health care be?

— Cynthia Schmeck, ND, MSc, NASM-CPT
Founder and President of 3D