Vet Health Revolution

When was the last time you felt like a warrior?

Vet Health Revolution

What would it be like to wake every morning feeling rested?  

With NO Pain or Anxiety?

What is the Vet Health Revolution?

The Vet Health Revolution is designed to provide you, a veteran or military member, the health care opportunities that you deserve and have fought for.  

It is an amazing community of warriors who want the knowledge, guidance & support that allows them the freedom to choose the best healthcare options for them, determine what effective options are available to them that are NON-ADDICTIVE & EFFECTIVE, & to learn what’s missing in their current health care & how to fix it.  

Learn about the illnesses that you are at an increased risk for simply because you served your country and how to gain a tactical advantage before they even begin. 

Who’s the Vet Health Revolution For?

Any veteran or active duty member of the military.  Reservists are also welcome!

Some of the content provided will be specifically directed to combat veterans but that doesn’t mean that others can’t participate.


What’s Included?


  • Personalized & General health & natural medicine information 
  • Learn the science behind why your body may be reacting the way it is and how to fix it with non-addictive treatment options
  • Learn the Science behind the use of herbs and supplements to restore you body and which ones are actually effective
  • Newest Research on the health ailments that commonly affect veterans
  • Live Webinars
  • Patient Advocacy Information
  • Nutrition information specific to Veterans and even more specific to combat veterans
  • Monthly coaching, including answers to you specific health, nutrition, exercise, & supplement questions
  • Private Facebook Group

Who Teaches the Webinars and Provides the Information?

Dr. Cynthia Schmeck teaches the webinars and provides all the information.  She is a Naturopathic doctor and personal trainer who strives to bring the most up-to-date versatile information and health care to those who have brought her all her freedoms.  

Have no idea what a Naturopathic doctor is or if they really are trained doctors? Click Here to see Dr. Schmeck’s bio.  

Simply put, Naturopathic doctors are trained primary care providers. They differ from conventional physicians only by way of their treatment protocols, find the root cause of any ailment and fix it. Try natural protocols first and foremost and prescribe prescription medications only when necessary.  


Here’s some important information for you… 5 Life Changing Labs that Every Combat Veteran Must Have 

I know freedom because of a chapter in your story, know health because of a chapter in my story.

Cynthia Schmeck

ND, NASM-CPT, 3 Dimensional Health & Wellness

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