Patient Advocacy

Patient Advocacy, Naturopathic medicine, natural medicine, patient advocate

Blood work, drug prescriptions, treatment plans, discharge papers…

The amount of information patients receive from their healthcare providers seems endless, especially for those dealing with a chronic disease or serious illness. Attempting to understand all that information seems flat-out impossible.

3D Health & Wellness can help.

As your patient advocate, we are your personal healthcare guide. We will make sure you fully understand all the information you receive and will fit the pieces together to help you determine whether the direction your doctors are taking you is also the one that fits you best. Particularly after a serious diagnosis or when you don’t feel well, having a healthcare professional to guide you through your journey to good health can be invaluable.


  • Patient Advocacy Appointments are just that! We are here to guide you in the best decisions for you, whether that includes seeing our physician as a patient or not.  
  • We DO NOT require you to receive treatment from the physician.