naturopathic medicine, natural medicine, cancer survivor, cancer survivorshipCancer Survivorship Care Plans


The diagnosis of cancer is overwhelming. Unfortunately, that overwhelming feeling doesn’t always end when cancer treatments do. All too often, cancer survivors feel abandoned or just plain confused about where to turn for guidance in their continuing health journey.

That’s where our Cancer Survivorship Care Plans can help. Some of the questions answered through our individualized plans include:

  • How long are the side effects of chemotherapy expected to last?
  • Is there anything I can do to decrease the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, during and post-treatment?
  • What should I be eating?
  • What natural supplements assist in decreasing the risk of recurrence or diminish the residual symptoms of cancer treatments?
  • What exercises can I be doing to help me in my recovery?
  • Is Mind-Body health important?  Where do I even start?


We will work with you to create an ongoing plan, incorporating naturopathic medicine as well as nutrition and exercise, to help you adjust to life after diagnosis and ensure that you never feel abandoned.