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Dr. SchmeckMy greatest inspiration in life comes from working with and treating individuals who have the innate characteristics necessary to be survivors. It has been my experience that individuals who have those unique characteristics are warriors in their own right with an inner fire that provides the ability to propel them to achieve greatness. It is my job to help them recognize and harness that inner fire in order that they not only survive, but thrive; enabling them to reach the greatest expression of their potential.

Cynthia Schmeck

ND, MSc, NASM-CPT, 3 Dimensional Health & Wellness

Naturopathic Medical Care - Helena, Montana

The guiding principles of 3 Dimensional Health & Wellness can all be traced back to the grocery store of my hometown in Kutztown, PA. When I was little, my brother and I asked our parents to buy the brightly-packaged kids’ cereals for our breakfast. But our health-minded parents managed to convince us that all those colorful boxes of sugary cereal actually contained the same foods we were already eating for breakfast. The healthy, nutrient-rich breakfasts we were eating just came in different boxes and containers.


Naturopathic Medical Care - helena, MT

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